Well, this story began with my friend knowing I delved into the natural/holistic health world, so he called me one night asking me about loquat leaves and if they had any health benefits. Me, not knowing, got to work researching, lo and behold that leaf has many benefits!!! So the magic began and LoquAy Tea™ was birthed. The search was on for the leaves and studying on the how and why, etc. The flavor is very delicious, unlike all other medicinal teas I have tried (and I have tried most of them). We experimented with a variety of blends with other tasty beneficial leaves and herbs to come up with the finest medicinal tea in the world (so we think). I spent over 30 years in the conventional medicine field only to have it fell me when I turned ill in 1995. Sixteen years of horrific antibiotics did not heal me, in fact they were destroying my health, but 4-6 months of a natural product did and I have not had that issue or any serious illness since. I continue to research and educate myself and others on how to eat and supplement our way to being as healthy as we can be. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, so we need to put things into them that aide it in doing so. Organic Magic™ product line begins with offering LoquAy Tea™, which has many noted benefits such as: reducing inflammation, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, supports the liver, pancreas and gut system, is an immune, antioxidant and metabolism booster, contains flavonoids, polyphenols, quercetins, plus so much more. We are so excited to begin this journey.   We will be adding other products such as seasonings, soups, gardening, plus other remedies so please keep checking back with us to see what’s up with us.  Texas Magic, LLC will be distributing our Organic Magic™ products.